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Daily School Covid Update

Masks will be required within a school building during the instructional day if the exclusion (quarantine and isolation) rate exceeds 5%
*When a school’s exclusion rate exceeds 5%, masks will be required for students, staff, and visitors until such a time when the exclusion rate falls below 5%
*Exclusion rate is the percentage of a school population in quarantine or isolation
*Data will be captured at noon and announced by 1:00 pm for the following day

Mask Guidance

The Stokes County Board of Education approved the motion to "Free the Smiles of Stokes County Schools." The motion will start the school year by informing parents about the benefits of vaccination and masking, and the consequences of not being fully vaccinated and not wearing a mask, but leaving the decision up to the individual employees and adults, and the parents or guardians of minor children. This decision will allow Dr. Rice to make necessary changes through the school year based on local data and consulting with local and state health officials.

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